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Other Exterior & Interior Services

Shower Enclosures

Frame-less shower partitions are made to separate the wet and dry area in bathrooms. 8mm or more thick glasses are used for shower partitions with sandblasted designs on it. We recommend only toughened glasses and water resistant stainless steel / forged brass accessories for shower enclosures. Different tinted color glasses are available in SPECULA with various value added designs like frosting, etching, stickering etc.



We believe that architectural steel staircases should be a striking feature. The important point to consider in modern balcony railing design is safety. Besides protection, a well-fabricated and properly constructed staircase or balcony can be an amazing addition to any home or commercial infrastructure.

Choosing the right kind of stairs requires consideration of both design and functionality. SPECULA offers variety of designs in Stainless Steel and Glass combined handrails. Frameless Glass Systems can be used in both domestic and commercial settings and offers a great railing alternative. Framed or frame-less Glass Balustrades offer a versatile, cost effective solution and give stunning, contemporary results. Toughed and laminated glasses (in various thickness) are used in constructing handrails.